THÉ DES MOINES black & green tea

Signature Tea Blend from Paris

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An ancient legend tells of how the Tibetan monks would prepare this blend of tea, plants and flowers in the greatest of secrecy. After several days of soaking, the leaves were carefully plucked out and put to one side.

By this mysterious alchemy, the monks turned the tea into gold and gave it its exceptional scent.

Black and green tea blend.

In French, Thé des Moines means "Tea of the Monks".

Delicious with dark chocolate!

3' - 5'
0.2oz / 30cl
194°F / 90°C

Throughout the year, our experts travel in the tea plantations looking for the best pluckings and new, rare, delicious teas.

The fact that we travel so extensively, that we taste and buy on location has many advantages and allows us to find rare crops by looking outside the traditional supplier circuit, to taste and to share with you the harvests of small plantations, which are often hidden away.

Visiting tea estates regularly and thereby establishing long-lasting relations with our suppliers allows us to guarantee regular quality control of the teas we buy, and to continue our mission: to bring you the best quality teas and to share our travels and experience with you, while concerning ourselves with environmental issues, working conditions on the estates and the fair trade practices to which we adhere.

Alex - Just tried this tea yesterday in an Exki cafe. I really liked it: flower and little spice taste. I bought a 20 bags box to enjoy it with family for Christmas. I will return more to these Exki cafe to try more of these teas. Just wondering if we can taste them in the Palais des Thes shops... would be nice as it's pricy...

CA - I love this tea! By far one of my favorites. I just bought it in the traditional clay jar. I am sure my sister will love it!


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