Free shipping as of $75 for all orders within the US 48 contiguous states
Free shipping as of $75 for all orders within the US 48 contiguous states
Free shipping as of $75 for all orders within the US 48 contiguous states

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First visit?

Let us guide you on your first visit!
Discover the many facets of tea and order your tea online with complete confidence.

Discover Palais des Thés:

Palais des Thés is first and foremost a group of people who have been passionate about tea for almost 30 years.

Palais des Thés represents the highest quality of service and products, from flavored teas to rare teas from the world's finest gardens. 

Tea offers an infinite variety of aromas and flavors. We are delighted to be able to introduce you to the world of tea, and invite you to make every cup an exceptional moment of pleasure.

We want you to experience and share the full potential of tea with others. Welcome to the world of Palais des Thés!  

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We can help you choose your first tea:

Palais des Thés offers a unique selection of high quality teas, organized by tea type, origin and flavor. You will also discover our specially selected “Grand Cru” fine teas: these are harvested in very small quantities from the most prestigious gardens!

Flavored teas are ideal if you are new to tea. Palais des Thés has a unique expertise in creating flavored teas savored by many customers over the years, such as Thé du Hammam and Thé des Moines.

Our selection of teas:

Our customers' favorite Cotton tea bags Our Grands Crus

Our customers' favorite

Grand Yunnan Impérial   

Cotton tea bags

Thé des Moines   

Our Grands Crus

Jasmine Pearls   

How to prepare your tea in three steps:

1. Just the right amount of tea:
For optimal results, place the recommended amount of loose leaf tea in a filter. Paper filters are the easiest way to prepare your tea. They are available in different sizes to suit all cups and teapots.

2. Bottled or filtered water:
The quality of water used to infuse your tea is also important, as it reveals all the aromatic qualities of the tea. The lower the water’s mineral content, the better it is for making tea. Filtered water is ideal for all types of tea.

3. Infuse at the correct temperature: 
Not all teas are infused at the same temperature, so we indicate the ideal infusion temperature to retain the subtleties of every type of tea while avoiding bitterness or acidity. 

Once the infusion time is up, remove the leaves and enjoy your tea!

Our selection of accessories:

Our tea filters Our teapots Our storage canisters

Our tea filters

Pack of 100 S tea filters  

Our teapots

Sekitei teapot

Our storage canisters

Washi paper canister  

To take your tea tasting to the next level, discover our selection of advanced accessories to prepare and savour your teas in optimal conditions (tasting set, scales, thermometer, etc.): view the selection

Order on the Palais des Thés website with complete confidence:

Quality services:

The Palais des Thés online store has been in operation for more than 10 years and has ensured great satisfaction for many customers.

Your order is handled with attention to detail by our team.

We ship through FEDEX to the US, Canada and Mexico. Delivery is free of charge for orders of $75.00 and above (within the US continental States).

You will receive confirmation notice with your tracking number so you can easily track your package.

We offer tea samples with every order to introduce you to new teas.

Reach us at (212) 813-2882 Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM EST.
By email: contact form.

Enjoy your tea!