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Created in Paris in 1986, Palais des Thés is a brand of premium tea that offers all-natural Signature flavored teas ("Les Créations"), pure single-estate teas and exceptional limited edition Grand Crus. Founder François-Xavier Delmas has been touring the world's tea plantations for more than 25 years, forming long lasting relationships with suppliers in order to bring the best quality teas to his customers.

To bring its passion and knowledge of tea to consumers, Palais des Thés also runs a successful "Tea School" in Paris. Private tea classes are also available in New York.

Delmas and his associates at Palais des Thés are also the authors of the "Tea Drinkers' Handbook"(Abbeville Press), one of the most renowned books on tea.

                                     Delmas at North Tukvar, Darjeeling



For over 25 years, we have been committed to bringing you the freshest and most exceptional teas from China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka… and Paris where our Signature flavored teas (“Les Créations”) are created.

Our unique selection includes more than a hundred green, black, white, oolong, pu erh and rooibos teas each year as well as a few ephemeral “Grands Crus”. All the teas are selected at the source by Palais des Thés team of tea tasters, often from small plantations in remote locations, and in accordance with a strict code of ethics.

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Choosing our teapots, cups and canisters allows you to have exclusive teaware. Over the years, we have established special relationships with our suppliers, who design many custom accessories solely for Palais des Thés.

Some of these artisans and craftmen practice the time-honored crafts of their ancestors, while others give free rein to their creativity. Both have been selected by Palais des Thés to create objects of the highest quality - both aesthetic and functional. 


 Hikari Teapots

Hikari Teapots



We will be delighted to welcome you with a cup of tea in one of our 30 boutiques in:

  • USA (2 stores in NYC)
  • France (5 in Paris, 12 in other French cities)•
  • Japan (Tokyo)•
  • Israel (Tel Aviv)•
  • Ireland (Dublin)•
  • Belgium (Brussels, Liege, Namur)•
  • Norway (Oslo)•
  • Slovenia (Ljubljana)


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