Our Direct Sourcing Approach

Every year, our tea sommeliers travel to some 20 countries, mostly in Asia but also in Africa and South America. Traveling so extensively and tasting and buying on location has many advantages and allows us to:

Find rare crops by looking outside the traditional supplier circuit and visiting small plantations in remote locations to taste their harvests and bring them to you;

Guarantee regular quality control of the teas we buy, including periodic checks of pluckingmethods and the way tea is handled and treated at its actual production location;

                     Our experts in Darjeeling

Get to know our local suppliers and work with them every day to enforce our strict code of ethics:

  • no child or forced labor
  • respect for the environment and clean farming methods
  • no deforestation
  • decent wages for workers
  • compliance with health and safety regulations, both for our European and North American markets

Form lasting relationships with our suppliers based on trust and friendship, an essential condition for the success of our family-owned company.

  Our experts in Darjeeling
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