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Les Créations from Paris


Since 1990, we have created signature flavored teas, “Les Créations”. Each is inspired by a moment of pleasure, such as a hot bath in Istanbul (Thé du Hammam), the delicate smell of cherry trees in Kyoto (Fleur de Geisha) or an intimate Buddhist ceremony in Tibet (Thé des Moines).

Our creative workshop in Paris is constantly bubbling over with ideas. With each voyage, encounter and discovery that the Palais des Thés makes, our teams experience powerful, unique moments, fleeting instants that make them wish to pause the rush of time and etch every detail permanently into their memory, to be shared with friends and family back home. For us, it is only natural to try to capture these moments of intense delight in mouthwatering recipes—and share them with you.

With this goal, our creative workshop spends many months working closely with our sourcing teams to bring you each of our Créations

Colors of tea Les Créations from Paris

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