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Tea with dessert

For dessert or a teatime treat, serve pastries, cakes and chocolate deserts with sweet, fruity teas.



The financier brings out the tea’s pronounced opening notes of white flowers, fresh butter then frangipani.

The textures of both are melting and creamy.

A lovely accord with the buttery, vanilla notes that mingle in the mouth.

The pairing gives the financier more fresh buttery notes, making it more aromatic and lighter, while the tea becomes much more floral.

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Financiers & Dong Ding


canelés et thé du hammam black leaf CANNELÉS & THÉ DU HAMMAM BLACK LEAF

This synergy offers richness and length in the mouth without the slightest disharmony.

The notes of the tea and canelé mingle beautifully in the mouth (woody, fruity, vanilla, rum, spicy).

The tea softens the flavours of the cannelé, making them rounder. The fruity bouquet is greatly enhanced.

The notes of cooked fruit, stewed fruit and rhubarb jam are very present in the mouth, and the tea’s texture is made smoother by the cannelé.

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The heat of the tea melts the truffle in the mouth, and the cocoa notes explode on the palate.

There is no separation; the two mingle and complement one another perfectly.

In the mouth, the notes are so well blended that it is impossible to tell where the notes come from.

The truffle becomes less pasty. The tea allows the truffle’s flavours to explode, without disrupting them.

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Chocolate truffles & Jukro


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 (cake, biscuits, pie)


Dong Ding

Thé du Hammam Black Leaf


Margaret's Hope



Chocolate dessert



Keemun Hao Ya




Fruits dessert

 Jasmine pearls

 Sencha Ariake

 Sencha Superior

 Tamaryokucha Impérial




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