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Tea pairings

Tea offers incredible food pairing opportunities. Just like wine, we can create subtle, beautifully balanced tea and food combinations that will enhance your dishes and bring out similar and complementary notes in perfect harmony. From starters to desserts, discover the pairings suggested by our gastronomy specialists and tell us about your own experiences on Facebook.


starter and appetizer separ

Which tea is best to accompany foie gras, quiche lorraine, a terrine or plate of cured meats? Discover refined pairings with starters and appetisers.

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meat and poultry separ_2

Which tea goes best with a beef or lamb steak, roast chicken or duck? Be daring, serve tea with your meal and enjoy delicious pairings of tea and meat.

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fish and seafood separ_3

Which tea is the best accompaniment for a fillet of cod, sea bream or scallops? Here are some ideas for subtle pairings with fish and seafood.

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fromage separ_4

Which tea is best to accompany Comté, Cantal, Pont-l'Évêque or fresh goat’s cheese? There are many successful pairings between tea and cheese: discover the finest.

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dessert separ_5

Which tea complements chocolate cake, crumble, canelés or sorbet? When it’s time for a sweet treat, try these delicious pairings between teas and pastries, desserts and cakes.

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Like the sound of these delicious pairings? Discover which teas are used in these pairings as well as the accessories that will provide the perfect tasting experience!

Selection of teas for food pairings


From March 10th to April 7th 2015, delight your taste buds with our Tea and Food Pairings! Attend one of our tasting sessions in your Palais des Thés store.

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