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Iced Tea

Tea is also delicious iced! It’s a refreshing beverage that’s quick, easy to make, and perfect for a sunny afternoon. Iced tea can be made with any variety of green tea or black tea, flavored or plain. And since caffeine is relatively insoluble in water at room temperature, you can enjoy iced tea at any time of the day!


Hot brew
Double the tea and half the water quantities you usually use, then top off with ice cubes. Enjoy right away!

Cold brew
Infuse the tea in ice cold water for at least 30 minutes for green teas, 1 hour for black teas and 2-3 hours for all other types of teas, infuse longer, up to overnight if you want a stronger taste. Keep refrigerated until serving.

XL tea bags, a convenient solution


To make preparing iced tea even easier, Le Palais des Thés offers tea bags in an extra large size. They contain 8 grams of tea, enough to steep in a half-liter of water. Slip one into your teapot, let it steep, and then put the tea in the refrigerator to enjoy cold.

Available for Thé du Hammam, Thé des Sources, Oolong 7 Agrumes, Thé des Alizés, and more. See all our best varieties for making iced tea!

See our selection of iced tea varieties in extra large tea bags

How to make iced tea

  • Flavored black teas

Steep 15 g of flavored green tea per liter of water at room temperature for 30 minutes. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate.

Here are a few suggestions of flavored green teas that are delicious iced.

If you like sweet teas, try:
Thé du Hammam: green tea flavored with rose, green dates, berries, and orange blossoms.
Thé des Fakirs: spiced green tea with cardamom and cloves.

Have a soft spot for citrus teas?
Taste our latest creation, Vive le Thé!. This pick-me-up tea is flavored with citrus and ginger.

If you prefer fruity teas, here are a few of our best fruit-flavored green teas:
Thé des Alizés: green tea flavored with exotic fruits, evoking white peach, kiwi, and watermelon.
Théophile: green tea with fruity accents of lychee and mango… a real treat!

And of course
Thé des Sources: green tea from China enhanced with a touch of bergamot and mint.
Fleur de Geisha: green tea from Japan flavored with cherry, a customer favorite.

    Iced tea
  • Flavored black teas

Flavored black tea is also delicious iced! To prepare it, steep 15 g of flavored black tea per liter of water at room temperature for 1 hour. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate.

Tip: Try serving your iced tea with summer fruits frozen into ice cubes, a slice of citrus (orange or lime, for example), or a few mint leaves. The same quantity of tea can also be steeped in lemon-lime soda for sparkling results!

We recommend the following teas:
Thé du Hammam Black Leaf: produces a bright, refreshing tea that combines sweet fruity flavors with floral notes.
Goût Russe aux 7 Agrumes: a blend of black teas flavored with seven different citrus fruits: lemon, lime, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, bergamot, and mandarin.
Thé des Concubines: this blend of green and black teas is delicately flavored with cherry, mango, and vanilla.

  • Oolong

Oolong teas also make for delicious iced tea! Simply steep the tea for 2-3 hours, then refrigerate for several more hours.

Our recommendations:
Oolong 7 Agrumes: subtly flavored with seven citrus fruits (lemon, lime, grapefruit, sweet orange, bitter orange, bergamot, and mandarin).
Oolong Fleur d’Oranger: a light orange blossom tea to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

  • Single-estate teas

Steep 10 g of single-estate black tea per liter of water at room temperature overnight to obtain a pronounced tea flavor. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate. Just before serving, garnish with a slice of orange or a lemon wedge.

We particularly recommend:
Darjeeling Margaret's Hope
Bancha Hojicha (roasted green tea from Japan):

Steep 8 g of Bancha Hojicha per liter of cold water for 1 hour. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate.

Make steeping your iced teas a breeze with our selection of glass teapots, which let you appreciate the pure colors of your tea.

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