Tea and health

Since it first appeared in Asia, tea has been considered beneficial for the body. The oldest references to tea come from historians advocating its medicinal properties. Tea was first used in the form of a paste, as a poultice to combat rheumatism. Legends about tea, whether Chinese, Indian or Japanese, all show, in their own way, the stimulating and invigorating properties of tea. The Emperor Shen Nung, father of Chinese medicine and farming, states in his Medical Book that "tea relieves tiredness, strengthens the will, delights the soul and enlivens the sight."

In the 20th century, medical science allows us to understand scientifically the many benefits that tea drinkers have known empirically for over two thousand years.

Drinking tea is beneficial for the bodyEverything you need to know about:

Tea and caffeine

Tea and tannins (or polyphenols)

Tea and vitamins, iron and mineral salts





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